Living Lab

Living labs are constituted by case studies that provide a unique opportunity to interact with stakeholders on the topics brought by the project. The do not serve as observational arenas, but permit a much stronger involvement of project partners in given activities to be agreed upon with institutional stakeholders. Thanks to the special links that some of the partners have established with stakeholders of the living labs, it will be possible to experiment some tools and methods that will be proposed by KNOW-4-DRR.

The living labs will provide material for in depth analysis and representation of how enhanced exchange and co-production of knowledge across some or all of the social groups may occur or is hampered in different contexts. The cases consist of a well balanced sample of different scales at which decisions are made (national, interregional, and local) and where therefore different stakeholders from all social groups considered in the knowledge management framework are involved. Three living labs will be carried out during the project: the Vietnam case, the Po Riverbasin case in Italy, and the Lorca Municipality case in Spain. Learn more about these living labs in the following boxes.