Final conference of the Know4DRR

Knowledge management for improving DRR/CAA:
State of the art, findings and steps forward

26 – 27 may 2015

Université de Savoie-Mont-Blanc
Chambéry – France

In the Final Conference of the KNOW-4-DRR project, we wish to share our conclusions and results with a variety of stakeholders and a larger audience.

The KNOW-4-DRR project has addressed the gaps between what is known about DRR and CCA, on the one hand, and how research findings are translated into policies and actions, on the other. For the last two years, partners have explored the complex interaction of knowledge, decision-making, and implementation to identify and understand the factors that hinder the use of knowledge for concerted actions in DRR and CCA.

Three key questions will be the focus of the final conference:
• What is relevant, salient, useful knowledge in the field of DRR and CCA?
• What outcomes and limitations emerge from existing knowledge management tools?
• How can we further improve existing knowledge management tools?

The project consortium will provide an answer to those questions grounding on our work in the last two years, analysing barriers and bridges in knowledge management, spanning over ten countries from Austria to Mexico and Vietnam, applying different methods ranging from participatory workshops and “living labs”, and involving stakeholders from academia, policy, private sector, media, and civil society.

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Link: Université Savoie Mont Blanc