A semestral newsletter titled “Legisletter” will be produced by the Know.4.DRR
project to:

– report the more recent legislative initiatives in the EU, both at a European level and at individual countries level. The latter will be presented in case the issued legislation is particularly relevant and innovative;

– describe the current implementation status of existing legislation, such as for example the Floods Directive 2007/60/EC or the application of the Risk Assessment and Mapping Guidelines issued by DG ECHO-Civil Protection;

– compare legislative initiatives taken in the EU with relevant initiatives worldwide. Given the presence of partners who are active also in an international arena and of a Mexican partner, links to the activity of international organisations on the one hand (World Bank, UNDP, UNISDR) and of networks existing in Latin America (including the relevant Desinventar database initiative) will be considered as an international reference.

This not only for comparing what is occurring within the EU and elsewhere, but also for understanding better what are the cooperation needs between EU and developing countries.

The idea behind the legisletter is not only to keep trace of relevant changes and innovative legislation that can constitute a valid reference for a variety of stakeholders worldwide, but also because laws and regulations are actually a tool for operating, particularly in environmental and planning fields.

Legislation provides a synthesis of agreed upon knowledge, even though it is often the final outcome of a compromise among different stakeholders or, in the case of Europe, of different countries. In the meantime technical regulations require often advanced knowledge to be implemented at best.